Smart Service

Remote Reception Service

Offer a remote care service that will allow you to save costs in a representative way without losing quality in the service.

Access Control

Implementation of a hotel access control system that will allow the safe environment to be maintained by controlling the opening of its facilities.


Streamline the check-in process and offer a service with technological support that allows you to reach a broader and more dynamic market while saving costs.

We will go with you Wherever you are

We reach any part of the territory, from large cities to small towns and villages, where greater support is even more important. We only need a stable internet connection to increase the presence and access control of your establishment.

Increase sales by improving service and gaining more information about your customers.


Decide the Hours of Personal Attention

Whether for just at nights, half a day or totally decentrailized. Choose what time you want to have a phiysical presence and we will take care of the rest.

Cost savings

With our Smart Service we work on three lines of action, the integration of technology, the segregation of processes and mainly by saving cost in the management and operation of your establishment, offering significant saving percentages, also increasing versatility of resources.